Kiyomi Villa is located on the central area of Siem Reap.
Easy access to the airport and Angkor Wat,
food and shopping can be enjoyed within walking distance.

From the Kiyomi Villa
・To the Siem Reap International Airport:About 25 minutes by car(Tuktuk)
・To the Angkor Wat:About 20 minutes by car(Tuktuk)
=spa =shop =restaurant & bar
From the Kiyomi Villa
・To the Asia Plaza Supermarket:About 1 minutes on foot
・To the Pub Street:About 9 minutes on foot
・To the Old Market:About 11 minutes on foot

①Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat was built in the 12th century.
One of the most famous world heritage in the world.
Approximately 2.5 million people visited Angkor Wat in 2017.
The most popular time for tourists is early morning.
You may enjoy watching beautiful morning sun at that time.
You can see Angkor Wat reflected on the surface of water from the northern pond.
It is also very beautiful.
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②Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom
Angkor Thom was built in the 12th century.
It is also one of the most famous world heritage as Ankor Wat.
There is Bayon (Remains of temples) at the central area.
A stone statue called Khmer's smile is also famous.
You can ride an elephant here.
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③Wat Thmei
(a.k.a Killing Fields)

Wat Tomay was built in 1997.
This is the memorial about genocide against ordinal people in 1970s.
You can see what was done there.
One of the worst tragedy in history.

④Sokkhak Spa

In this spa, you can enjoy a traditional Khmer style massage recommended by the owner.
Khmer massage is soft for pushing.
You can enjoy relaxing time in a calm atmosphere.
Mango after massage is delicious.

⑤Asia Plaza Supermarket

Asia Plaza Supermarket is near the Kiyomi Villa.
It is open for a long time and is convenient.
(7:00 ~ 24:00)
You can immediately buy what you need.

⑥Lucky Mall

Lucky Mall is the largest shopping mall in Siem Reap.
(9:00 ~ 22:00)
The first floor is a supermarket.
Shopping is rich in kind and fun.

The picture is Angkor Wat Cookie(10 pieces).
Blue(Cashew nut):1.75 dollars.
Yellow(Coconut):1.35 dollars.
(As of January 2019)


The items of SALASUSU are made by women in rural village in Cambodia.
The designer is Japanese.
Items made with rushes are unique and fashionable.

The sandal in the photo is 11 dollars.
(As of January 2019)

⑦kru khmer

Kru khmer is a shop launched by a Japanese woman.
This shop sells body care products using Cambodian herbs.
Herbal bathing agents are very popular.
Soap, lip cream, hand cream, etc. are on sale.
It is recommended for women's souvenirs.

Pub street

Pub street is busy downtown late into the night.
There are lots of bars and restaurants.
Cooking using raw pepper is popular.
Depending on the store and the opening hours, beer can be drunk with less than 1 dollar.

⑧Sushi Bar Shin

Sushi Bar Shin is near the night market.
You can eat delicious sushi at Siem Reap.
There are many menus other than sushi.
There are many customers besides Japanese.

⑨Yokohama Restaurant & Bar

Yokohama Restaurant & Bar is popular with ramen and cocktails.
Ramen boasts char siu and soup.
Soup has three kinds of soy sauce, miso and salt.

⑩Yakitori Taisho

Yakitori Taisho is a tavern restaurant famous for charcoal grilling.
This shop is Japanese style.
Lunch set is cheap and popular.
Many side dishes are tasty, so you drink a lot of liquor.